5th and 6th August


IIT Delhi


CFP Live, ends June 1

About the conference

PyDelhi conference is hosted annually by PyDelhi Community with an aim to promote Python programming language, for all. We provide a single platform for programmers from different domains & enthusiasts from different walks such as students, entrepreneurs and professionals. Startups, SMEs & Enterprises can also sponsor, connect, showcase and hire software professionals. Experts from various domains demonstrate their application of `Python` as a programming language, while discussion brew on recent and upcoming technologies.

All the participants are requested to follow Code of Conduct and we will enforce the same.

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As a Sponsor for the conference one can avail and enable, you get a platform to showcase your product or service to a wide range of technology enthusiasts. You also get a chance to network and interact with all sorts of prospective leads that rarely gather under one roof at this scale. To review sponsor benefits please peruse our Sponsorship Prospectus

Community Partnership

What you should do as a Community Partner for PyDelhi Conference:

  1. Promotion for PyDelhi Conference via Social Media. Copy and creative shall be provided by PyDelhi Conference team. Logo for both communities should ideally be present in the creative.
  2. Advertise about PyDelhi Conference within their own Meetings, Events. Optionally, let the attendees know about the upcoming Conference and encourage them to attend.
  3. Have someone from PyDelhi talk about the upcoming Conference in pre-conference events, if they happen to have one, again for Promotion
  4. Have Meetups, Events in association with PyDelhi Conference
  5. Don’t share attendees details to third party organizations
How PyDelhi Conference will support you:
  1. Cross-posting about your community’s Meetups and Events. Copy and creative to be supplied by the community’s communications and social media Point of Contacts.
  2. Feature as a Community Partner in PyDelhi Conference’s creatives


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Code of Conduct

PyDelhiConf is a community organized conference intended for advocating the use and adoption of the Python programming language in India. It is also a platform for fostering networking and collaboration among the Python developer community in India. We value the participation of every member of the Python community and want all attendees to have an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Accordingly, every attendee of the conference is expected to show respect and courtesy to every other attendee throughout the conference and at all conference related events, whether officially organized by PSSI or not. To make clear what is expected, all delegates/attendees, speakers, exhibitors, organizers and volunteers at PyDelhiConf are required to conform to the following Code of Conduct. Organizers will enforce this code throughout the event.

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